Tuesday 16 August 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Called the hands at ½ past 5 A.M. set them to work &c at ½ past 8 saw a sail rounding Point Marsden, on looking at her with my glass found her to be a Schooner, hoisted the Ensign (having first agreed with Bates for his services for 3 months) manned a boat belonging to the Islanders & put off for her. The Duke of York & L.M.P. hoisted their colours & put off a boat each immediately after, but I first boarded the Schooner (she had hove too when I put off) I was much delighted & very thankful to find her the Company’s Schooner “John Pirie” with passengers & stock all well, we soon after were boarded by the other boat & Capn Morgan kindly undertook to Pilot her in. She dropt anchor at 2 P.M. & after dinner understanding the L.M.P.s crew refused to take up the anchor & that Capn Ross durst not leave her I put off my boat, took Capn Martin ashore & afterwards boarded the Pelham. Staid there all night (during which some of the sailors attempted to put down a boat & leave the ship).

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