Tuesday 17 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours gentle breeses and clear weather
all sail set steering to the South set up the
mizen riging and employd as needfull the
L M Pellam in sight Lattd Obsd 13.52 S Longd 28.58 West
In the morning read a chapt in Job with prayer
the text to day was To him that overcometh the
same shall be clothed with wite rament and
I will not blot out his name from the book
of life Revs 3dc 5v – When was my name writing
in the Lambs book of life I belive when I
repented of my wicked life and came to
Jesus not a doubt then did arise to dark
en the sky or hide for a moment the Lord
from my eyes what golden days what
happy days was my espousals to Christ
my soul wingd its way in a moment at the
name of my beloved redeemer and I belive
though my joy is not so allivated now my
hope is more stable than when I first belived
keep me O Lord and inable me to bring forth
more fruit to they praise and glory Amen
In the everning came togather a few read the 8th chapt 1st
book of Kings with track commentry God fed us
with angles food sung an hymn happy souls whom
God doeth aid &cc after service went on the poop and
contemplated on the goodness of God towards me
and my partner in opening our eyes to see the things
belonging to our peace in the day of our probation
my thoughts was towards my boy and Girl

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