Tuesday 19 April 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours strong winds from the NEd all sail
set two topmast two lower two top Gallt studing sails
set steering SW by W fillid a fourty gall cask of water
to last the passengers and crew twenty four hours
with passengers  Lattd Obsd 39.20 N Long 15.21 West
In the everning a number of the crew assembled to
here the word of life read a chapt in Leviticus 16
with the tract commentry sung two hymns and
concluded with prayer – I have had my mind drawn
out to day conserning the carnall mind of man which
is enemity against God see the heathen see Idolitry
ous rome see formality without sincerity see often
the children of Israel being brought out of Egypt
through the red sea and haveing water given
them out of a rock and bread from heaven sent
down from heaven to them and after all they
turned the God of all thier mercys the God of
Glory the great Eternal the great I am into the
likeness of a fourfooted beast and worshiped it this
shows the carnal mind is enimity against God
and so it is with us till born of god and regeneratd

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