Tuesday 2 August 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

This 24 hours moderate breeses from the North
early this morning Mr Stevens Captn Ross and
myself went to the river in search of the boat
and if posable to git some whild foul in walking
along the side of the river on the oppersite side
I saw a man some what like when a boy I have
seen Robinson cruso with long hair and beard a
stick in his hand and verry little apperil I
put to him a few questions which he answered
said he had bing here since 1832 had a farm
by the side of the river with another man and
had come down in search of swans eggs by this
time Mr Stevens came up who was behind in
the boat the man turned back and we
accompanied him to his farm which was
closed in with piles drove in the ground conta
ining about five acres of weat some turnips
cabages onions and a few pertatoes they have
pigs and fouls a fine cat we where introduced to
the partner of our friend who appeared to be a
rough sailor though left of sea and had bing
on the island about      years and had become
quite nativefied his voice appeard to have lost
his mother tongue as regards voice they said
they had two women lived with them which
they called jins and they where gone to catch
wallaby that is a small kind of Kangaroo
Mr Stevens invited them to come with thier wives
to see him on sunday and have a religious ser
vice but says the man to introduce our wives whould
be like introduceing a dog to you presence they
lived in small one story leve with the ground
houses had out houses for thier stock I promiced
to give them some tracts with a Bible each
in the everning returned on board with some
ducks and a swan and found my own crew and
the L M Pelhams and the people on shore had re
fused duty I had prayers in the cabin with
the mate two foremast men and the two
apprentices and found Mrs Bear much worse

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