Tuesday 2 August 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

Having given Mr. Birdseye directions for the men during the day went on board the Pelham at ½ past 5a.m. to breakfast and at ½ past 6 in company with Captains Morgan and Ross put off in a boat in search of the one we had lost in the River Morgan. Shot a swan and some ducks on our way and when about 8 miles up the river fell in with John Day a resident on the Island, took him on board explained to him the reason of our coming to the Island and visited his residence. His partner Henry Wallan is the oldest resident on the Island having been here 18 years. They seem very industrious and steady people having a nice little farm of about 5 acres (two of which are under a fine crop of wheat) 8 or 10 pigs, some poultry and various vegetables, purchased two pigs for the ships brought away a bag of turnips and left two men and 1 boat to come down the following day with the pigs and settlers, reached the Pelham about 9p.m. and was not a little surprised to find that all my men and the crews of both vessels had struck work! Saw my men immediately and after some lengthy conversation was pleased to find them agree to return to their alleigance. Retired to bed on board the Duke of York at 2a.m.

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