Tuesday 2 August 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

Fresh breezes & fine. West. Recd fresh beef &

provisions. The Water tank came. A party of us rowed

the ladies in the cutter to the Isle of Wight. Took a walk, &

afterwards (19 of us) took refreshment at the house of the brother

of Mr Fisher (Col. Com.) then took another walk afterwards

we walked about a mile on the sands to reach the boat, but

the water had gone out so far that the ladies were first

carried into a small boat 3 at a time, & then pushed out

to the larger boat: the gentlemen walked into the boats.

Rowed on board, and arrived at 9.10. P.M. After which

we had supper in the cabin, with Mrs Hindmarsh, &

then music, singing &c. from her daughters.

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