Tuesday 21 June 1836

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21st. 11 P.M. Anchored under the Sugar Loaf Mountain at Rio in 15 fathoms. Sailed in with studding sails set, as we drew near the anchorage Captain Rolls and the 2nd. Mate expressed some anxiety to have the assistance of our people. This assistance was afforded by Mr Kingston, but he ordered all the passengers below on account of some words which passed between them. Feeling the critical situation we were in and Captain Lipson having called my attention to the fact, I went to speak to Kingston on the subject, only because I felt it due to myself to neglect nothing that concerned the general safety.  Kingston appeared to be acting under the influence of temper, and I left him considerably annoyed with the result. Though Mr. Kingston evidently [?] himself in what he considered the best manner to promote the success of the expedition, still it was evident to any person of even slight experience that he proceeded on erroneous principles. He certainly deserved the gratitude of the cabin passengers for his exertion to secure them a due supply of fresh provisions, but in every other respect he committed the grossest blunders and acted without the least judgement or discretion. His principal aim seemed to be directed to annoy the Captain, and his demands were most preposterous. This evening as an instance, at ½ past 11 o’clock he insisted upon the steward opening a fresh cask to get him a bottle of beer, without reflecting that at such an hour servants claim the privilege of going to bed.


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