Tuesday 23 August 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

23. 11 oclock P.M – A great row in
the Cuddy Kingston, the Captain and
Doctor. The Captain did not impugn
the honesty of any passengers; he said
that Kingston was attended by two
or three lawyers — Kingston then
said do you mean to say that any
one on board this ship is not honest
the doctor then stept in and
supported Kingston, &c &c &c &c.
Kingston required Captain Rolls to
take out of Powys Cabin every means
of making fire.
Feeling my wife insulted by the row
I was on the point of going to fetch
Captain Lipson —

Length of a minute of latitude at Cape Jervis and Kangaroo
Island – 203.5 yards. [sic, 2025 yards]

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