Tuesday 26 April 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours gentle breeses from the NEd all sails
set steering from the SW by S people employd as yes
terday about sundry jobs as needfull
Lattd Obsd 23.53 N Longd 23.31 West
I read the 25th chapt of Leviticus with tract commentry
and had a sensible feeling of the sinfull state God
by his grace has brought me from Egeption darkness
from the slavery of sin to a state of grace – in
takeing the sun to day through my sextent it
looked butifull I wonder not at the heathen worshiping
it when they had no reverlation from God
What wisdom it displays of the creator and if the
sun is so glorious when as a giant running his race
what must the maker be what mus the son of
Rightiousness be in all His Gloryes with all the
Redeemed we see now through a glass darkly
in the everning assembled as many as whould
to prayers read the 4th chapt of Gen with Horne
on the life and death of Able two men have bing fighting
one of them came to prayers I hope the adress given
with other means under the blessing of him who
gives the increase will bring him to think
on his ways

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