Tuesday 27 December 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Tuesday Dec 27th This Morng our large black Sow, was
found dead near the Tents, She had been shot in the
left shoulder apparently with a Ball, by some Person
unknown, this Sow was heavy in young, there being 8 fine
Pigs nearly full grown, found inside of the poor Animal, —
Likewise One of our white Sows has recd a severe wound
behind the left shoulder during the Forenoon, which has been
done by a Spear or other Weapon of that Sort  _______
All the Swine were housed last Night, except the black Sow,
which we could not find. The Mare has not yet been
found although She has been searched for in every direc-
-tion from for 6 or 8 miles around   _________

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