Tuesday 27 September 1836

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__      Jany 7th 1842 on looking over some papers
to day I picked up an old memorandum book with
the occurences at the time we were in search of the harbour
and the morning when the incidents I have above
related took place I really thought all had been lost in
the unfortunate fire of 1839. However I shall give
what it says nearly word for word    ______
Tuesday 27th September 1836 At 11.30 weighed and stood up the
Gulf. 3.30 P.M. we were shoaling our water very fast with the
head of the Gulf in sight from the mast head with many
large & extensive shoals, the whole way we had
come notwithstanding the bright look out Kept no sign
of anything like a harbour was at all visible for
near about this it was where we expected to find one
came too in 4 fms about 4 miles from shore. Field with the
jolly boat went on shore after about 3 hours absence he returned
unsuccessful reporting a low & swampy coast thickly wooded
with Mangroves. It was now determined that the Brig should
proceed down the coast under easy sail while I with the
Hatch Boat & crew Keept as near the shore as possible so
that nothing might escape us.

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