Tuesday 27 September 1836

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Private.                                                            Kingscote,
Kangaroo Island
Septr 27th 1836 –

My Dear Sir,
The sailing of the John Pirie for Hobart Town affords me an opportunity of once more addressing you – though I am sorry to add that unforeseen circumstances prevented my doing so at such length as I am sure you will expect, & I had as fully intended. I have had a copy of my private journal taken for your use & it is forwarded herewith, I must beg you will excuse the un-businesslike manner in which either that or my official documents are transmitted — I cannot help it at present & could you see where & how & know exactly under what circumstances I am writing, I am sure (to say the least) you would not blame me. I have had a deal to contend with which my dear Sir you nor our Directors can never know – I have done my best – & though I may have erred in some things & doubtless have, I trust both yourself & the Board will continue that confidence which you have hitherto reposed in me, untill I shall have (& it will soon be) an opportunity of shewing on a fair field whether or no I am fit with God’s blessing to conduct the Company’s affairs. —
Nothing is yet done (or rather nothing yet appears to have been done towards paying a Dividend, but I assure you, that most deliberately & coolly, I at this moment consider the shares of the S.A.C. to be worth more than I ever expected they would be in so short a time – In four or five days (D.V.) I shall go over to Cape Jervis with the view of Discharging the “Emma” on her arrival at “Yankalilla” & there forming forthwith an Agricultural Establishment, for which purpose I think of employing that Vessel to fetch up Stock. The John Pirie must keep at work fetching Sawn Timber as there is no timber here or there that is worth a rush for building. I wish I had 3 or 4 more such handy & roomy little Craft as the “Pirie” – I could employ them so as to return us a handsome Profit & I hope you will press upon the Board the propriety of sending out more whale ships – Nothing can be more suitable than the “Lady Mary Pelham”, she is exactly the thing. – Our two whalers intend to return here next May & take the Black Whale season (in which they can hardly help doing well) & then after refreshing – Proceed on an Eight months Cruise for Sperm & this is the course all our ships (except very large ones) had better pursue.
Arrangements should also be immediately made for establishing a Bay Whale Fishery upon an extensive scale. – Fishing, & Sheep Farming, will be our two grand sources of Profit – Merchandise (trade & commerce) the next, & then (I think) Banking. I have drawn largely upon the Company’s Bankers, & hope you will not consider I have done so improperly – I am very nearly out of Specie – the time for the sale of the 563 spare Acres of town Land is coming on & Cash will I strongly suspect be wanted faster that it can readily be obtained & under all these (& other) Circumstances I consider it most prudent to embrace the first Chance of the Sale of Bills, – afterward I shall only draw for the purchase of Stock, Timber, etc. I have had much to contend with for want of the assistance of an Executive Government but that want I trust will soon be supplied. I trust you will not forget to assist in supplying us with the means of Spiritual Instruction. – You cannot do an act of greater charity to us than by sending us out a zealous & pious Minister of Religion – I am sure I need say no more on this subject to you, & you may rely on my rendering every assistance in my power to any individual you send us out in that capacity  ——  I have profited by your excellent advice & have the pleasure to request (on her behalf) that you will allow my Wife to present her respectful compliments to yourself & that you will do her honour of making a similar tender to the Board of Directors –
I hope you will see that the Commissioners are not tardy in sending out Emigrants, we cannot have too many of them, nor have them too fast. All who are willing to work may here be happy & comfortable, & beyond all doubt Tens of Thousands who are at this moment by hard & long continued labor, barely earning a scanty subsistence might here (with less toil) live in peace & plenty. I am sorry to add that almost all our people have turned out Idle, Impudent, & worthless. — They are “Waxed Fat” & now they Kick, – but the best remedy for all these evils is to send Emigrants in shoals & by no means articled. I believe I should not have had a word with our people if they had not been Articled.
I cannot stay to do more than again express (as I must ever feel) my deep sense of gratitude for your kindness to me – to beg a continuance of your confidence – to ask you will kindly remember me to Mrs Angas & family – & that you will
Believe me,
My Dear Sir,
with the Sincerest Respect
Yrs &c
Samuel Stephens
To George Fife Angas Esq
2 Jeffrey Square
PS the Pirie sails the moment this letter is sent on board.

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