Tuesday 28 June 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours mostly strong winds from the NW with
a heigh sea all resqusite sail set Steering to the
Eastward     Lattd 37.50 South Longd 69.41 East
In the everning read to the little flock 8th chapt by
Jerimiah Mr Richards and myself prayed and
God seemed to be with us the Lord has once
more delivered us from the violence of the Sea
I am told by a Father of a family on board that
he is continually being soliceted by one who aught
to be a patern of all christain wisdom and virtues
that he aught not to send his children to family
worship his motives I cannot tell but after examining
my own is I trust pure to teach them Christain
virtues on the christain principles to reherce scripture
passages and hymns – which they have done and
still do without being solicited they appeart to be drawn
by love which is a great mercy if they git to heaven

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