Tuesday 28 June 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

28th.  4 Brazilian soldiers came for 4 of the mutineers. The crew said they would all go and did so, except the carpenter. Kingston gave the Captain a letter which the latter did not open but left on the table when he went on shore.  Kingston did not insist on his reading it. The Captain left the ship, when he was gone Kingston told the Mate to start the water, the Mate said he had no hands, Kingston offered his party. After breakfast Kingston assembled his men and said something to them about working. I inferred from a few expressions that they would not work because the Captain had promised them 3/6 a day and had not paid them. Sent a letter to my father.

The tank came alongside and lay there, there being no where to put the water, Kingston said he had done all he could. The Captain came home drunk. Beat Ben – a terrible row midnight.

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