Tuesday 29 March 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

In the morning commended my all to God in christ
the weather fine hove in some cable went on shore
to the agent procured a carpenter to examine our wind
lass who inspected it and will put it to rights we hove
up the anchor and found we had ninety fathoms of
cable out shifted the ship closer in shore let go the
anchor in five fathoms water gave the ship fivety fathoms
cable I went on shore attended a prayermeeting in
the house of God and was permited again to pay
my vows that I made to the Lord when in trouble
the people of God was glad to see me and offered
me up in the arms of thier faith which I esteemed
one of the greates privilages a mortal or an immo
rtal can have conferd on them what a blessing what
a mercy. I belive the prayer was heard and answered
the prayers of Gods people are continually going up as
incence I returned on board read a Psalm and lay down
in peace with God and man

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