Tuesday 29 November 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Tuesday Nov. 29. A fresh breeze & noon we were by our reckoning 12 miles
south east i.e. past the Island of St Pauls. Our Captain in a sad frame because
the haze prevented his seeing it, but in order to give one instance more of his anxiety
to reach his destination with the utmost possible expedition, and thereby
obey his instructions he ordered the ship to be wore, & we are now steering
back again to make the island under double reefed topsails! The excuse for
this unpardonable absurdity is to ascertain if our Chronometers are correct,
as if there were any doubt of error in three excellent instruments the
relative rates of which are kept, & which were proved to be correct off
Madeira, Cape Frio, & Rio de Janeiro. (8 o’clock p.m.) After beating back
for several hours, the Captain out of very shame was obliged to put the ship
before the wind, but, determined to revenge himself upon those who dared to
complain of such abominable trifling with their interests, he has not allowed
the ship an inch more canvass! The sailor will understand this; & it would be
curious were the Governor recalled for disobedience of orders as Captain.

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