Tuesday 3 May 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours the wind from the eastward gentle
breeses and cloudy weather steering S by E employd
fitting the Whaleing tackling saw black fish
Lattd Obsd 7.30 N Longd 22.37 West
We have made 2596 miles these last nine days
read in the morning the 6th chapt of Leviticus with
commentry at noon the 26th of Job – I have two boy
one brought up and educated and has had good
example set before him the other has bing moderately
educated and has had the worst of example the former
boy I had the best opionion off but yesterday was guilty
of theeft and drunkedness so trew it is the best of morral
precept yet it is not to be neglected by any means yet
not sufisant without devine grace it will not keep
us from sin – I had him in the cabin this morning
and taulked with him as God gave me utterance
and read part of the homily to him on drunkenness
gluttonny and hope it will have the desired efect
In the everning had family prayer read the 10th chapt of
St John and a short surmon and had a solemn and
blessed wateing on God nothing to give or plead but
Christ has died

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