Tuesday 30 August 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Augst 30th This Afternoon all the Merino Sheep came from Kingscote
but have been most dreadfully ill used by the Persons who had
charge of them across the Bay to this Station, indeed two Rams
1 Ewe, and a Lamb are nearly lifeless, having entirely loss’d the
use of their Limbs, by being roughly drag’d a very considerable
way in the Salt Water from the Boat to the Beach, after which
not being able to stand, they were carried up here in the most
careless manner, as though of no value, nor had any feeling.
   There was also 2 Boars, & a Sow, in the Boat, but they only
brought 1 Boar,  up to the Station, having loss’d the other two
in the Woods   ____________

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