Tuesday 6 September 1836

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6th The hands went to work this morning in good style under their respective officers. I lay in bed till after 6 & on rising most sincerely rendered thanks to Almighty God for the now really happy, orderly & industrious appearance of our settlement. A more marked change I never witnessed. In the afternoon Capn Ross came ashore & I was sorry to learn that his only remaining Mate, Mr Edmonds was dangerously ill, & his crew generally in such a state as to require that he should immediately proceed to a near port where he might ship both officers & people. He gave a satisfactory explanation as to his not heaving to for my boat the other night & we were as friendly as usual. As he intended to take in some water here & was short of small casks I let him have some. He took tea with me & Capn Martin & we arranged that he should go to Hobart Town where (as the Bay fishing season is just over) it was thought he would be more likely to get men & where he will most likely be able to avail himself of the valuable aid of Capn Martins advice & experience. With this view I have obtained a letter of introduction for him from CapnMartin & have determined to get the “John Pirie” away with all possible haste. In the morning Captain Martin starts for the Main in my whale boat. The Rapid also sails for St. Vincent Gulf.

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