Tuesday 7 June 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

First part baffling winds from the SWd under
short sail the got lighter made all resquite sail
PM the wind freshning with rain Latt acc 34.47 S Longd 5.51 East
This morning had the painfull task of seperating
two of the crew from fighting but no sooner I came
away but they went to it again and again I parted
them one was Jones who attendes the means of grace
after a time for reflection I called him into the
cabin and read haveing his permission such parts
of the homly on contention and brawling as I
thought whould be attended with good and spoke
from Gods word inforceing the necesserty of a
christain walk by being made a good tree
I asked him if he whould pray to God with me we
went down on our knees togather and he prayed
for his stoney heart to be taken away and a
heart of flesh to be given and said if my sperit
was taken away now I should be lost he prayd for
his saivour to bless him and receive him I found
it a blessing to restle with God for him so we parted
I hope good out of this evil I had the pleasure
this morning allso of beholding one that walks
in wisdoms ways adorne the cross of Christ his
saivour when he was called all that whould hurt
the feelings of man by one that he might expect
better from as regards rank and talent be he
opned not his mouth but commited himself
to him who judgeth rightious judgement my
text to day is And grive not the sperit
of God whereby ye are sealed to the day of
redeemtion in the everning read to a few asse
mbled for prayer read 5th chapt of St Pauls epistle of Thess and
a surmon on quenchning the sperit two prayed
we found it a blessed time we taulcked one salvation
after service lay down in peace

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