Tuesday 8 March 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

Recd March 9th 1836
G Fife Angas Esq
Jeffrey’s Square
St Mary Axe

Bark Duke of York March 8th 1836
off the Isle of Wight

Dear Sir
under a sense of the love and
favour of God I address these few lines to
You …
we were compelled to put in here by
adverse winds and our time has bing
employd in getting ready for sea I have
kept the people and passengers on fresh meet
wile here beliving that to be both cheap
and best for the people and I likewise
I have got a few things here that we were
short off which I trust you will approve off
the wind is now fare from the North
and I hope by the blessing of Him who
hold the winds in His fists and holds
the waters in the hollow of is hand will
conduct us to our place of destine were
we may all fullfill our station of life
We use family service on board and keep
the Lords day and expect the Lords blessing
which He has allready favoured us with
Mr Stevens [illegible word] I belive to be a sincere
Christan and Mr Bear [Beare] I belive will prove
a serveseable man if spared to the
Company I still feel some anksierty
concerning the Ships Cofer if You can give
me any directions or council concerning it
the first oppertunity I will be glad
fare well dear Sir praying You and Yours
every blessing for time and Eternity for
our Redeemers sake Amen

Yours affectonately Robert C Morgan

Mr Stevens haveing nothing perticular to write
desires his respects Mr and Mrs Bear [Beare] and family
are all well the work men allso
we now have a fair wind and shall make
the best farewell Sir

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