Wednesday 12 October 1836

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8 p.m. Wednesday, 12th October.

Colonel Light, having decided that the stores should be landed here at Rapid Bay and that he and a party would remain while the Brig goes to Kangaroo Island to water and repair some wear and tear, he gave me my choice as to the party I would join. I consequently landed with my traps after dinner and with Jacob and Pullen pitched the tents. We had not long been landed when a breeze that had been freshing for some time increased to a gale which is likely to continue all night from the South West. Pullen returning for the Colonel got the gig capsized in the surf. He, however succeeded in getting on board, but unfortunately both his bedding and Colonel Light’s is here, so that they will pass anything but a comfortable night. The natives we left in care of the garden have proved honest and are here to welcome our return and claim their reward. Our garden is looking well the seeds having nearly all come up.

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