Wednesday 13 April 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Most of this 24 hours strong winds and cloudy weather
with all resquisite sail set at half past 7 tackd ship to
the North and duble reeft the      at 7 PM and tackd again
to day ceveral sail in sight people employd variously
Lattd Obsd 49.12 N Longitud by chro 5.58 West
In the morning read a chapt in Leviticus on the way to
discover a lepercy and how to deal with it what a
blessing that we know now under the gospel a way to
cure the deadly lepersy of sin I know no other neither
do I want to know any other way than the blood and
rightiousness of Jesus Christ for the salvation of
my soul in the everning had family prayer in
the cabin read the 145th Psalm and a short esay
out of the tract

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