Wednesday 20 July 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

The Wind contd Squally from the S,W, accompd
with cold Weather, untill last Night, when it became
moderate, and veer’d round to South, but has been
nearly a Calm, the whole of this Day  ________
On Monday we got a place, contrived down below, for
the two poor Ram’s (where the Carpenter, Second Mate,
and T, Waldron, live) as there is not hieght enough, in
the Pen’s for them to stand, without chafeing their Backs
against the top part of it, and during the many Gales
of Wind, that we have lately experienced, they have been
very much bruised, by tumbling about, upon the Deck’s,
On Monday our Cook likewise took very Ill, of Pains, in all
his Limbs,  ____   and Yestdy the chief Mate, also became
very unwell, they are both confined to their Beds,  _____
But their is One of our Passenger’s, call’d James Jones, who
has been almost, a constant Customer, to the Medicine Chest,
ever since we left Dartmouth   ______________

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