Wednesday 24 August 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

24th. Sent of a boat & 5 hands with tools & provisions to the Salt Lagoon to prepare a place for themselves & the stock &c under the Direction of Mr Brown. Spent an hour or two in shewing the Settlement & its vicinity to Coll Light, who took lunch under my tent. This afternoon the hands at the well came to water which sure enough turned out to be slightly Brackish, & thereupon (although we have an abundant supply from another source) I was once more prayed to abandon the place. It is not, however, my intention to act so stupidly, untill I can find a better & for all commercial purposes I am tolerably certain I cannot find a better on the Island. This morning at day light the L.M.P. got under weigh but owing to the wind shifting came to an anchor again a few miles further out. Finding that spite of all the precautions I had been able to take the small stock of ardent spirits in our store was improperly used, I ordered all that remained to be got ready in the morning for sending off to the John Pirie, Capn Martin kindly consenting to receive it. Had some conversation with Mr Birdseye about his very great inattention to his duty & hope in future he will take more interest in the Company’s service.

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