Wednesday 27 April 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours gentle breeses from the NEd all
sail set steering SW employd as needfull
makeing spunyarn cooper makeing line tubs
carpenter fitting the boats ready for Whaling
Lattd Obsd 21.44 North Long 23.57 West
In the morning read a chapt in Leviticus with
track commentry had many little things to
try my graces to day one is the people have
been murmering haveing no rum served out
the weather being fine I have kept it for
wet and cold and stormy weather I called them
aft and reasoned with them as for the stuff I
hate the smell of it what do they think I
want to do with it – one said he had so much in
a west Indiaman another said he could not
do without it I told them it had slain its thou
sands in the west indias and many of them
though so shortly acquainted I knew to suffer
the loss of clothing and health they gave me
no answer I told the seacond mate to serve
it out one glass three only took it
In the everning seven attended service read
the 4th chapt of St John gospel to 27th verce with
commentry to them and prayd with them and
for them read myself in private and lay down
in perfect peace

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