Wednesday 27 July 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

This 24 hours gentle breeses and clear weather
AM we ran down close to the reefe which forms the
harbour of nepean bay found the entrance and
at 10 or half past came to anchor in three
fathoms water in neapean bay gave the
ship 30 fathoms cable but we found we had not
preceived it was flood tide and at ebb found our
selves aground NB at 10 PM in 2 fathoms water but perfectly safe
the water being perfectly smooth we got out all our
boats and anchored them in shore and got ready
for moveing when the tide suits we landed the
colonan manager and Mr Bear and we went to gather
to look for the lagoon but had to return unsucksess
full night comeing on
In the everning had family worship I could not
but see and admire the singular hand of god in our
safe deliverance through the track less ocean and bring
ing us safe to these uncultivated shores no sooner than
we had come to anchor and the sails firld than a
covenant bow extended its self on shore from one bow
of the ship to the other in all its beauty O how true
is Jehovah to his promices to his family on earth
how good has he bing to us when passing through
the tempestious ocean my peace flowed like a
river not a cloud did arise to darken the skys
or hide for a moment my Lord from my eyes
once more was I enabled to bow before the Lord on
the land

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