Wednesday 28 December 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

Wednesday, Decr 28. Mode & fine. 7. Sent a boat on shore
to the settlement in Holdfast bay. 10. Anchor’d
in Holdfast bay in 7 fms. Noon. Light winds & fine.
P.M. Do Wr. At 2 His Excellency Governor Hindmarsh
accompanied by the Colonial & Naval Officers land-
-ed. The Ship was dressed in all her colours, & fired
a royal salute, & His Majesty’s commission to
the Governor having been read, a feu de joie was
fired by the Marine guard of Honour, when the
English Ensign of St George was hoisted. The
Governor’s Proclamation was then read, after which
His Majesty’s & His Excellency’s healths were drunk
with great enthusiasm. The sailors then began
to get pretty drunk, so that we had great dif-
-iculty to get on board, many staying behind.
The natives set fire to the woods, which burnt grandly.

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