Wednesday 28 September 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

28 September-Light airs and fine, with cold air; at half past six a.m. sent Messrs Pullen and Claughton in the hatch-boat. They having shaped their course along shore, we got under way to run under easy sail as nearly abreast of the boat as we could. We had, after a little time, the satisfaction of seeing her enter an inlet, and soon after disappear; I was now full of hope that Jones’s harbour was at last found, and at one p.m. came to an anchor in our former berth, to await the arrival of Messrs Pullen and Claughton. At half past two, Mr Field went in the jolly-boat to look at the same river I had been in on the 26th, and there he met Mr Pullen in the gig, who had left the hatch-boat at anchor at the northern entrance; each party, after communicating, returned, Mr Field to the brig, and Mr Pullen to the hatch-boat. I now remained in great anxiety, between hope and fear; a report brought back by Mr Field, that Mr Pullen had seen no fresh water, damped me much, and I could only remain till his return before determining what course to pursue.

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