Wednesday 28 September 1836

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9 p.m. Lat 34.46 Wednes. 28th

We weighed at 9 a.m. and returned to our last anchorage where we came to at 1 p.m. The Surveying Boat kept close inshore but has discovered nothing new. There is a great doubt after all as to there being a river here as what was taken for the mouth of one is now made out to be a channel running between the Main and low sandy islands covered with mangroves. Pullen remained on shore tonight with the surveying boat and gig to examine the channel more minutely and ascertain whether a river opens into it. There is a large shoal running out from the Island inside which there is an excellent harbour, and in the channel at high-water there is from two to four fathoms. Pullen’s report tomorrow will probably settle all our doubts.

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