Wednesday 29 June 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

There has been a gentle Air of Wind, with occasional Calm’s,
since Monday Night, untill this Morng at 7 O’Clock,
when it veer’d round in a smart little Breeze, from S,E,
which kept increasing all Day, and at 8, P,M, caused a
reef to be taken in the Sails  _____   Our Sheep consumed
the last Mouthful of Hay Yesterday,   ___   They have been
very much knocked about lately by the heavy rolling and
pitching of the Vessel, and are as lean as Wood, yet
they still appear in excellent Health, so that I make
no doubt but we shall get them safe to Kangaroo Island,
should the Weather prove at all decent, during the remainder
of our Passage  ________

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