Wednesday 3 August 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

This 24 hours mostly strong winds attended
with rain I had the people called on the quater
deck to know the reason they refused to land the
passengers things they sayd Mr Stevens had promiced
them fivety pounds and they whould not work till
he paid them so I let it stand till farther advice
the two men came from the farm Mr Stevens was
not on board but had bing makeing signals
on shore and no one preceived him
we had family prayer in the everning I went
to bed as usal and was disturbed some time after
by hereing Mr Stevens going on in a most unman
ly way it appears he was hurt in not being heard
when these men where on board for he wanted to
be on board to receive them I heard him say it
was an eternal disgrace to the captain an eternal
disgrace to the officers and crew and he should
write to the directors and inform them and he was
a magestrate and so on and said he should like
to see the captain but surposed I was asleep so I got
up and told him what I thought of his conduct
dureing the time I have had to be with him as to
his moral conduct I have known when we have
bing in our extrimities he has bing lost and as his
conduct towards Mr Bear and family has bing
such as no one but whould disapprove off he has
came into the cabin tore down the curtains got
a horse wip and thretned to horse wip Mrs Bear
and has told Mr Bear in the hereing of his wife
that he whould banish him and his family to
any part of the Island and cut off his supplys
the poor whoman is now raveing mad with four
helpless babes on board with the sister of Mr Bears
who is over come with the good qualities of Mr Stevens
at the age of fivety Mr B disapproves of such conduct
well god makes the ungodly his rod but either to
they can come and no farther Mr Stevens I under
stand has bing down where the people lives and
paid them fivety pounds – so ended this day

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