Wednesday 3 August 1836

[, on board the wrote.]

Spent the whole day in endeavouring to restore peace on board the ships. The grievance was the having to bring out and land passengers and cargo without some remuneration and both crews positively refused to lower another boat unless they first received the sum they wished. To the Pelham I sent £40 through their Captain to pay the remainder of the money promised them at Liverpool by consent of Mr. Hurry and I further consented to give them 1 Spanish dollar per man for landing the cargo. To the crew of the Duke of York I gave £50 which I had partly promised in Torbay (England and for this sum they promised to land passengers and cargo in good order. Henry Wallan and John Day came to our ship today and brought the 2 pigs. I was ashore at the time and for 2 hours hailed the ship (and fired 7 shots to her) but could not get a boat put off for me although the Captain knew I had asked the settlers to dine with me and look at the act of Parliament and other Documents connected with the Colony. Captain Ross brought the men ashore, and I returned by his boat having first agreed with Henry Wallan to give me his service and advice in any way I wished for the space of 3 months from this day in consideration of the payment to him of £1:10:0 and his provisions. On reaching the ship spoke to Captain Morgan and Mate about what I considered the very uncourteous behaviour in not answering my hail. This was the first time since we left England that I had made the least complaint to captain Morgan ( though I ought to have done so more than once) and I was perfectly astonished to find him get so warm and use to me language so exceedingly disrespectful and unprovoked. Henry Wallan and John Day acknowledge me as Magistrate of the Island and on arrival of the Governor wish to retain their farm on payment of the purchase money.

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