Wednesday 31 August 1836

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31st Rose at ¼ to 6 A.M. & finding that neither men nor officers were stirring (I had arranged that Mr Dawsea was to call the men this morning at ½ past 5) I sounded the call on my trumpet & soon had the men out, no officer of higher rank appearing to take my orders I at 10 minutes past 6 called Mr Wallan the oldest of the Islanders & a man whom I introduced here & always treated as an officer & to him I explained at length the way in which I wished to have a store built to receive “John Pirie’s” Cargo. I directed him to take all hands with him & set about it immediately. All this time I was out in my shirt shoes & dressing gown & at ½ past 6 as I was going to my tent to dress I saw Mr Beare approaching. I took no notice but went into the tent & prepared to dress, when he came in front & without prefixing or adding any other word called out (I supposed to me) “what are the hands to go about today”. I replied “I have told Mr Wallan” & Mr Beare retired. I may as well here record that this was the first morning Mr Beare had ever appeared to receive in any way my orders as from the severe affliction of his wife I had permitted him to remain with her & had further allowed him some hands to assist him occasionally, & had had his 4 Children under the care of his sister living under a tent by me & at my expense. Two nights before this (up to this time I had every reason to pity & respect him) I had mentioned to him that on the morning of 31st I should begin to build a store &c, & that if he would speak to me in the morning (of the 30th) I would explain to him how it should be done he did not however do so   ——

When about ¼ past 7 this morning I went to call Miss Beare I was surprised to find her much agitated & to hear from her that after leaving the front of my tent her Brother called at hers & told her to get the children dressed for his duty to the Company was ended & he must do the best he could for himself. I took no notice till the Evening when Capn Martin being with me, I sent a message with my Compliments to Mr B. & if disengaged I would be glad to see him. – he answered “he was busy”. About 7 P.M. I sent a similar message & he replied “he would come immediately”. At about 8 (as he had not arrived) I sent to say that unless he could oblige me by stepping up at once I should be unable to see him, as I had some other engagements. The answer was “Mr Beare is already gone”. I did not however either see him or hear from him up to midnight when I retired to bed. This forenoon some of the Sailors who had deserted from the L.M.P. came in & asked for employment. I appointed to meet them at 4 P.M. & at that time being under my tent with Capn Martin gave an audience to 4 of them (of this I have made a separate memorandum).

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