Wednesday 6 April 1836

[, on board the wrote. | Read source notes.]

After reading and praying entered on the duty
of the day went on shore closed the accounts
with the agents and other bills after spent some
time with my christain friends pertook of the
bounties of thare table temporal fed with them
speritual they have bing good and kind to me
may the Lord reward them we read 91.92
Psalms to geather and they commended me to
God and His grace on our knees I returned on
board with Mr Stevens got under weigh made
sail once more the revenew cutter was sent
to give us any assistance we needed but the
people where all at work and I hope to see
better days with them yet we had prayers in
the everning with reading the word of God
Jones came to see me for a Bible which was given

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