Wednesday 9 November 1836

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9 November-Messrs Gouger and Brown, with Captain Duff and myself, guided by Mr Field, landed about two miles to the northward of the Creek at Holdfast Bay, to ascertain, if possible, the mouth of the river discovered by Messrs Kingston, Field and Morphett; and here I give a short extract of my letter written as soon as I got on board to the Commissioners:

We have this morning been looking for the mouth of the river and find it exhausts itself in the lagoons, these must either ooze through the sand into the sea, or be connected with the creek. I strongly suspect the latter, as the distance to the creek is small at this part, and the water in the upper part of the creek, where I grounded, was far from being salt. I feel more interested in this flat than ever, and have determined that a survey may be carried on here while I am in the other Gulf.

The weather during our excursion on shore became again changeable. Having sent out boats to the mouth of the river, we returned by the beach to the place occupied by Mr Gilbert with his stores. At four p.m., blowing fresh, we returned to our ships, and we observed the Cygnet coming into the roads; it soon after blew a gale of wind, and squally all night, but all three rode out well. It is impossible to describe my feelings on this occasion-seeing three English vessels, on a lee shore, riding safely at the roadstead.

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