Buffalo passenger list


The names of passengers and emigrants appear in a list prepared  by Governor Hindmarsh for the Colonial Office, and the presence of many is confirmed by mention in the ship’s logbook, the diaries of George Stevenson and Y.B. Hutchinson, and in various memoirs and letters. Those of the working folk also appear in the ‘Register of Emigrant Labourers Applying for a Free Passage to South Australia’, which lists those considering life in the new colony and generally indicates on which ship they were embarked. As the Buffalo was a naval ship and on her way to New Zealand, the crew was not considered an addition to the population of South Australia, as were the seamen on board the South Australian Company’s ships or the Rapid, and therefore were not included. However, one who did obtain his discharge here at the prompting of Hindmarsh was John Hill.

A comprehensive list of the sailors and marines was published in the South Australian Observer on 1 January 1887. Its origin is unknown, but from its apparent completeness must be from an official source. The State Library also holds an account prepared by the purser which shows that most of the ship’s officers and men performed colonial duties during the Buffalo’s stay.


Captain: John Hindmarsh
Master: James Wood
Senior Second Master: Joseph Chegwyn
Second Master: James Bowler
Second Master: N.C. Phillips
Master’s Assistant: Thomas Frederick Cheesman
Surgeon: James Jackson
Assistant Surgeon: Francis P. Pascoe
Clerk (Purser): William Eales


Richard Adams
John Bamber
Cornelius Bean
George Beck
Henry Benham
James Bradding
George Brand
Thomas Brown
Hugh Bryan
Joseph Budden
Edward Burt
James Butt
Robert Camp
George Charles
James Charton
Charles Thomas Clark
Henry Colleys
Richard Cox
William Dowse
William Develly
David Duckett
Eales junior
George M. Ferguson
Joseph Field
John Foster
John Fowles
Joseph Fowles
William Goldsmith
Richard Grabb
Thomas Grabb
Joseph Hall (died at sea)
James Henny
John Hill
George Hughes
Samuel Humby
Henry Jacobs
Daniel Edward James
William Jerron
James Johnston
George Jones
William Jourdan
Alexander Kennedy
James Knight
William Lavell
Richard Loveder
Hugh Mack
James Marshall
Henry Meech
Thomas Melvin
John Meridith
Charles Moon
Thomas Murphy
Joseph Napper
William Neill
William Neill
Joseph Oliver
William Oliver
William Pain
Thomas Palmer
William Parsons
William Perrington
Stephen Purseter
George Rix
John Rowlands
William Sanders
William Seval
Charles Since
John Storey (lost overboard)
William Stout
Thomas Sullivan
Frederick Weyer
William Wheeler
Richard Wheylen
John Williams
David Wood
James Wood junior
John Worley


Joseph Blandon
Joseph Chandler
John Collett
Joseph Davis
Samuel Davis
James Fish
James Gardner
Henry Graves
William Haldron (Corporal)
Henry King
Richard Mew (Corporal)
James Mountain
Thomas Pain
Samuel W. Restorick
Robert Seager
James Strugnell (Sergeant)
John Wadcot
James Way
Robert Wesson


Mrs Hindmarsh
Susan Hindmarsh
Jane Hindmarsh
Mary Hindmarsh
John Hindmarsh
Miss Ann Hindmarsh
Henry Morris
James Hurtle Fisher (Resident Commissioner)
Elizabeth Fisher
Elizabeth Fisher
James Fisher
Charles Brown Fisher
Frances Lucy Fisher
George Fisher
Marian Fisher
William Fisher
Hurtle Fisher
George Stevenson (Governor’s Private Secretary)
Margaret Stevenson
Mrs Margaret Gorton
Charles Beaumont Howard (Colonial Chaplain)
Mrs Howard
Grace M. Howard
Barbara I.M. Howard
Miss Neville
Osmond Gilles (Colonial Treasurer)
Emily Blunden
George Ormsby (Surveying Department)
William Malcolm
Arthur Lindsay
Thomas Bewes Strangways
Giles Strangways
Young Bingham Hutchinson
Morgan Richards
Henry Jickling
Fidelia S.T. Hill


Richard Sladden
Mary Sladden
Charlotte Sladden
Joseph Sladden
Isaac Breaker
Maria Breaker
Isaac Breaker
John Breaker
Henry Breaker
David Breaker
Hannah Breaker
William Moore
Ann Moore
Jane Moore
Robert Cock
Catherine Cock
Betsey Cock
Christine Cock
Nancy Cock
Robert Cock
James Cock
Catherine Cock
James Bennet
Mary Bennet
John Bennet
James Bennet
Peggy Bennet
Marianne Bennet
James Chittleborough
Maria Chittleborough
Maria Chittleborough
Elizabeth Chittleborough
William Chittleborough
Sarah Chittleborough
James Chittleborough
Joseph Middleton
Eliza Middleton
Thomas Middleton
James Middleton
Lucy Middleton
William Middleton
Josiah Oakley
Sarah Oakley
Thomas Oakley
Samuel Oakley
Mary Oakley
William Oakley
Josiah Oakley
John Oakley
James Oakley
Elizabeth Oakley
Harriet Ender Harvey
Harriet Harvey
Giles Abbot
Sarah Abbot
Ann Abbot
Anna Abbot
John Abbot
Giles Abbot
Robert Walker
Sophia Walker
Ann Walker
Thomas Walker
Luke Broadbent
Harriet Broadbent
Henry Broadbent
James Broadbent
John Broadbent
Elijah Broadbent
Elizabeth Broadbent
Luke Broadbent
John William Adams
Susannah Adams
Sarah Adams
John Adams
James Adams
Thomas Adams
Jacob Prowse
N. Prowse
George Roberts
C. Roberts
Cornelius Bean
L. Bean
William Croxall
Eve Croxall
Richard Pyke
Mary Pyke
William Parsons
Jane Parsons
William Ferguson
Rosina Ferguson
Henry B. Savory
Eliza Savory
Thomas Wickens
Mary Wickens
Thomas Norris
Betty Norris
John Sladden
Jane Sladden
James Candy
Henry Giles
Henry Bacon
William Wyse
Edward Thomas Stebbing
Thomas Nicholson
Francis Potts
George Wells
Frederick William Allen
Samuel Chapman
William Coulthard
James Harvey
Jonathan Bean
Robert Fox
John Chapman
Warwick Langley
George Roberts
William Whittle
Henry Hewitt
William Burt
James Wither
Robert How
John Luke Monk
Bella Sladden
Mary Ann Roberts
Jane Coulthard
Margaret Shines
Catherine Kenny
Eliza Oxenham
Kate Oxenham
Mary Page
Mary Ann Murray
Mary Richards
Richard Adams
Edward Bull (discharged at St Helen’s)
Joseph Wheatley
Martha Archbold
Ann Fielder

Information compiled by Bob Sexton.

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